Raid Knight​​
​gaming lounge

We are a gaming lounge that welcomes gamers of all types. From FPS to MOBA's to TCG and board gamers. We would love to see anyone and everyone to play and meet new friends
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We currently have 12 computers,

6 Xbox 1, 6 PS4's, 1 Nintendo Switch,    12 PC's, 1 PS VR,, 1 Wii U ,1 PS3/PS2 Combo, 1 Orinial Xbox, 1 Game Cube,      1 Playstation Original, 1 N64, 1 SNES
gaming experience. 

PC/consoles: $5/hr
VR: $10/ 30 min or $20/ hr
We also offer a wide veriety of snacks and drinks.
*ask about our package deals

The Raid Leaders

Meet the brothers who started "Raid Knight" and see what they play

Andrew Donnell 

World of Warcraft: DK / Hunter
League of Legends: Tank /Support
​Heroes of the Storm: Bruiser
Diablo 3: Monk / Witch Doctor
NBA 2K , Madden, Destiny, Mass Effect, and many more.

My favorite game is Gears of War

Austin Donnell

World of Warcraft: Demon Hunter/ Druid
League of Legends: ADC
Heroes of the Storm: Assassin
Overwatch: Tank/support
Super Smash Bros , Ratchet and Clank, Neir:Automata, and many more

My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts 

The instance entrance

You can find the entrance at 9132 Montgomery Blvd NE, 87111